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An international leader in diesel particulate filter remanufacturing

With a presence in key markets across the world, including North America, Japan and India, Ceramex is at the forefront of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning and emissions systems component remanufacturing. Our business has researched and developed unique and pioneering technologies, which deliver high yield, measurable quality, resulting in cost efficiencies for our customers.

Ceramex Restored versus Competitor Air Cleaned

Most machine cleans are a cheap and temporary fix to your emission system. Despite all the propaganda regarding their unique equipment and cleaning effectiveness, the majority of these quick, down and dirty cleans are performed with “air only” via a tool called an Air Knife. In addition, companies performing these cleans have little or no reliable and provable means to validate the effectiveness of their clean. Their use of a simple and basic air flow test only verifies some air is penetrating the cleaned filter and provides absolutely no data regarding the total thoroughness of their clean

The Ceramex process and our associated VERITEX validation is approved by OEM’s across the world, who we supply them with thousands of restored filters each year. Our 95% Performance+ Promise includes documented images and test results for every Ceramex restored unit, so you have both data and visual proof that we have met our 95%+ Performance Promise.

Our unique cleaning and inspection systems