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Ceramex distinctively positions itself within the competitive landscape through the deployment of its proprietary technology, setting a new benchmark in Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) restoration. Ceramex offers comprehensive restoration and rigorous validation of filters, ensuring they meet or exceed 95% of OEM specifications. By collaborating with Ceramex, clients can experience a tangible impact on their fleet's performance and efficiency.

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Major Global OEM’s Count on Ceramex 

Ceramex stands as the preferred choice among OEMs for its innovative patented technology, which ensures precise and consistent validation of filter integrity during restoration. This advanced approach enables Ceramex to not only meet but also surpass OEM standards in the restoration of diesel aftertreatment components, thereby guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability. 

Comprehensive Services & Products

Ceramex offers a comprehensive suite of services, starting with the expert restoration of DPFs and DOCs to meet stringent OEM specifications. In instances where filters are beyond restoration, Ceramex provides high-quality aftermarket filters as a reliable alternative. Additionally, the company supplies OEM-grade clamps and gaskets at competitive aftermarket prices, ensuring a complete solution for diesel after-treatment maintenance needs.

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Sustainable in our Process.

In 2007, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) became a game changer in reducing harmful emissions. Ceramex is proud to contribute to a cleaner environment through our DPF restoration services.  

  • Land Fill Reduction: Returning products to a "like new" condition eliminates the equivalent of 258 million tons of waste that would otherwise go to landfills.
  • Raw Material Reduction: Reduction in carbon emissions due to less energy being consumed in restoration than in the manufacturing of a new product.
  • EPA Compliaance: Less energy is consumed in the restoration process by limiting the quantity of raw materials extracted, as well as decreasing the energy used in manufacturing of new materials.
  • Wastewater: We use deionized water in our process, treat it to remove harmful chemicals and physical matter, ensure compliance with local and state regulations, and monitor it to prevent pollutants from entering the local watershed.

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