"Tested, Approved, and Recognized by Cummins as a Most Effective DPF Cleaning Technology"

Global Pioneer and Leader
in DPF & DOC Cleaning, Restoration, & Emissions Systems

The Ceramex Solution:

A complete line of restored OEM approved DPF’s
and DOC’s for heavy and medium duty applications

The Ceramex Advantage:

95%+ OEM performance at a fraction of the
cost of new; guaranteed and VERITEX validated

95%+ Performance Promise
"The OEM Answer to DPF Restoration"

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Ceramex 95%+ Promise

Ceramex versus Air Knife

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Single-Source OEM and DPF Provider to Major North America OEMs

Learn about the
Ceramex "100% Veritex Validation"
and why Ceramex outperforms all competitors!

Learn about how Ceramex gives you
"OEM Clean at Air Clean Prices"
and why you don't have to pay more for the best!

Learn about our
"Zero DPF Downtime"
and how we put a stop to downtime!

Ceramex is renowned for its world leading, patented diesel maintenance cleaning, restoration and validation technology.

Though you may be unfamiliar with the Ceramex name, we are the global pioneer and leader in diesel emissions, cleaning, restoration and maintenance. Owning four unique patents, Ceramex has revolutionized the diesel emissions world with an environmentally friendly technology, that quickly restores diesel particulation filters to a guaranteed 95% Performance+ condition. Unlike our competitors, Ceramex not only makes the 95% Performance Plus+ promise, but we back it up with state-of-the-art documentation on every restored filter. That’s why Ceramex is the leading supplier of restored DPF’s to many renowned heavy-duty OEM’s. CERAMEX IS THE FUTURE OF DIESEL EMISSIONS TODAY!

95%+ Performance Promise

Patented cleaning process that combines air with pressure pulsed solution to clean DPF filters, restoring them to like new.

Patented technology that uses infrared light that detects and documents condition of a Diesel Particulate Filter.

Patented technology that measures catalytic efficiency in DOC’s and DPF’s. The Ceramex goal is to reach a minimum of 90% conversion efficiency.

Patented technology that measures the DPF’s ability to trap particle matter less than 10 microns in width and detects internal tears and holes in the DPF filter.

Ceramex is the Future of Diesel Emissions Cleaning and Validation Today!

Ceramex Restored versus Competitor Air Cleaned

Most machine cleans are a cheap and temporary fix to your emission system. Despite all the propaganda regarding their unique equipment and cleaning effectiveness, the majority of these quick, down and dirty cleans are performed with “air only” via a tool called an Air Knife. In addition, companies performing these cleans have little or no reliable and provable means to validate the effectiveness of their clean. Their use of a simple and basic air flow test only verifies some air is penetrating the cleaned filter and provides absolutely no data regarding the total thoroughness of their clean

The Ceramex process and our associated VERITEX validation is approved by OEM’s across the world, who we supply them with thousands of restored filters each year. Our 95% Performance+ Promise includes documented images and test results for every Ceramex restored unit, so you have both data and visual proof that we have met our 95%+ Performance Promise.