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In an industry where precision meets compliance, Ceramex stands out with its patented service technologies: XPURGE®, Veritex®,VeriTrap™, and VERICAT™. Not only do we meet the standards - we aim to exceed them with our 95%+ Performance Promise. Our Service commitment is backed by extensive research and years of global success. Join Ceramex for a new vision on DPF and DOC management. 

DPF & DOC Cleaning, Restoration & Emissions Systems

What is XPURGE® Low Permeation? 

XPURGE® is Ceramex’s patented aqueous machine that is used to remove the soot and ash from DPF’s and DOC’s. This innovative technology allows Ceramex to achieve effective and consistent results.

Significant reduction in emissions

Lower volatile organic compounds

What is Veritex® Scanning Technology?

Veritex® is Ceramex’s patented technology, that validates the internal integrity of the filter.

Patented Technology

Visual Validation

What is VERICAT™ Catalytic Efficiency? 

VERICAT™ Catalytic Efficiency is engineered for those who demand reliability in catalytic conversions. Ceramex uses conversion efficiencies based on New OEM components.

OEM driven conversion rates

Industry-leading reliability

DPF Cleaning & Restoration 

With Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) being a critical component in emission reduction, keeping it in optimal condition is essential. At Ceramex, we employ advanced cleaning methods like our patented XPURGE® technology to ensure your DPF is restored to nearly new conditions.

OEM driven conversion rates: Proactively restoring your DPF can help reduce unnecessary down time and costly repairs. 

Industry-leading reliability: Regular cleaning removes trapped soot and ash, prolonging the operational lifespan of your filter.

DOC Cleaning & Restoration

Our Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) cleaning and restoration services aren't just a clean-up job; it's a performance boost for your engine. Using eco-friendly process we remove excess soot and ash from the filter. Then test the filter to ensure that it converts gasses in the emission system within the OEM specs.

Reduced Emissions: Our specialized cleaning methods ensure that your DOC efficiently breaks down pollutants in the emissions system.

Enhanced Engine Perfomance: A clean DOC aids in smoother combustion, contributing to overall engine performance.

Emission Systems 

Ceramex specializes in comprehensive emission systems services that go well beyond simple maintenance. We tackle everything from diagnostics to repairs and upgrades, ensuring your diesel engines run cleaner and more efficiently.

Compliance Assurance: Our in-depth diagnostics and remedial actions ensure that your emission systems meet all local, state, and federal regulations.

Effective Pollutant Reduction: Utilizing our patented technologies, we optimize your systems to reduce harmful pollutants like NOx, CO, and particulate matter.

Implementing Our Specialized Solutions

The key to optimal performance lies in the proper implementation of our specialized solutions. Consult our experts for a tailored strategy.

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