Seal the Deal: Secure Performance with Clamps and Gaskets 

What Are Clamps and Gaskets?

Clamps and gaskets are essential components in the automotive and industrial sectors, particularly in systems involving fluid and gas transfer. At Ceramex North America, clamps are robust devices designed to secure pipes and hoses, ensuring they remain firmly connected under varying pressure and temperature conditions. Gaskets, on the other hand, are sealing materials placed between two surfaces to prevent leakage. They play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of connections, especially in high-pressure environments. Together, clamps and gaskets ensure the reliability and efficiency of diesel particulate filter systems and other applications, reflecting Ceramex's commitment to quality and performance.

How Clamps and Gaskets Work 

Clamps apply pressure to hold parts together, while gaskets act as a seal between two surfaces. Their role is critical in maintaining the structural integrity of emission systems, withstanding high temperatures and pressure fluctuations to prevent exhaust leaks and ensure the system's optimal performance.

Broad Compatibility and Ease of Installation 

Ceramex's clamps and gaskets are compatible with over 90% of the Class 6-8 truck market, ensuring wide-ranging applicability. Including these components with each emission system filter, Ceramex simplifies installation and maintenance, guaranteeing the use of the right parts for each specific vehicle, enhancing system efficiency and reliability. 

Unparalleled Value with Ceramex

Choosing Ceramex brings the promise of OEM quality at aftermarket prices, offering exceptional value. This investment in high-quality components like Ceramex’s clamps and gaskets leads to reduced maintenance frequency and costs, lower operational downtime, and compliance with emission standards, contributing to long-term financial and environmental benefits.

Why Clamps and Gaskets Are Non-Negotiable 

Leak Prevention

Ensure that fluids and gases stay where they belong.

Structural Integrity

Maintain tight connections under varying pressures and temperatures.


Suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive to industrial use.

Maintaining Your
Clamps and Gaskets

Regular Checks

Inspect clamps and gaskets during routine maintenance for wear and tear.

Quality Over Quantity

Prioritize high-quality materials for enduring high-pressure and temperature environments.

Professional Help

Seek expert advice to ensure proper fit and function.

Clamps and Gaskets Up Close 

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