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Ceramex® North America LLC is an industry leader in DPF/DOC maintenance. Emissions service is one of the largest expenses truck owners face today. Managing your emissions systems with our component exchange program delivers longer service intervals, fewer regens, better fuel economy and less unplanned maintenance than the competition, hands down.

Technology makes the difference. Head- to-head comparisons consistently prove our patented X-Purge® technology removes two to three times more contaminants from your filter, returning components to like new performance. Once cleaned, each component is tested with our proprietary validation processes. Only Ceramex can validate that the cleanliness, integrity, and performance of each unit meets the original specifications.

Case studies have demonstrated that fleets who use our exchange program can reduce fleet emissions service costs by up to 50% compared to on-site cleaning or replacing with new. Contact Ceramex to take ownership of your fleet maintenance costs today.

Ceramex is a joint venture between SRC Holdings Corporation of Springfield, Missouri, and Hexadex Limited, a UK-based company. SRC Holdings has been at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry in North America and a trusted OEM partner for over 35 years. Hexadex Limited designs and produces cutting edge proprietary exhaust and emission solutions for the heavy diesel market globally.

Ceramex is your international leader in after treatment system maintenance and validation.

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