Ceramex saves you today, and tomorrow!

  • 95%+ Performance Promise
  • Longer interval between cleanings
  • Improved MPG savings
  • Vertitex Validated

Why risk your trucks well-being and your future earnings by using a cheap air or inferior solution clean? You love and trust your rig, protects its worth and value by investing in the best value in the market; a Ceramex restored DPF filter. Ceramex can save you 50% or more on DPF maintenance over the life of your truck. And, with Ceramex, there is no wondering or guessing if your filter was cleaned properly. Instead, you get the Ceramex 95%+ Performance Promise with every Ceramex restored DPF filter you purchase. And our promise isn’t just a bunch of hot air! With our patented Vertitex validation, you get documented visual proof that your filter has been restored to 95%+ Performance when compared to a new OEM filter. Ask about our Ceramex Challenge and see how much money we can save you and your fleet!

The pricing estimates above show the initial cost savings of various DPF filter options. The air cleaning option can end up costing much more as a result of future extended downtime and shorter cleaning intervals.

Preventative Maintenance is the Key—
Save Up to 50% Over Your Vehicle’s Lifetime

If regular preventative measures are put in place at the prescribed time or mileage, much grief, downtime, and the associated cost can be prevented. Many fleets seem to think that because the after-treatment warranty extends to 500,000 miles or more, they’ll hope nothing goes wrong in the interim. That’s like saying I bought a 500,000-mile warranty on my engine, so I won’t bother changing the oil during that time. It doesn’t work and it’s a terrible mindset to adopt. Incorporating a proper DPF preventative maintenance program will lead to huge savings over the lifetime of your fleet. With Ceramex you receive the following benefits.

  • Superior performance over conventional cleaning processes
  • High capacity, fast turnaround for reduced downtime
  • Extended interval between cleans
  • Up to 7% improvement in fuel consumption
  • Less filter failures and expensive replacements
  • Full inspection report
  • Filter imaging for audits and monitoring
  • Full cleaning traceability throughout the restoring process