The Ceramex Difference

Compare the Ceramex Difference

Trusted by the world’s leading heavy-duty OEM vehicle and equipment manufacturers, Xpurge is the next generation of DPF cleaning technology. It provides outstanding cleaning performance that restores DPF filters to a condition that is as good as new. Xpurge cleaning is highly effective and can remove 30% more contaminants than conventional methods, in a fraction of the time. Our unique Veritex inspection technology is our most comprehensive test method. Veritex inspection technology uses light transmission to verify a DPF’s internal condition after cleaning. This patented method, which is a non-destructive test, provides a picture of the internal filter condition, identifying any damage or blockages.

In addition, Veritex provides evidence that the filter has been cleaned properly and will continue to perform effectively. The system generates a record of a filter’s condition every time it is cleaned, allowing individual filters to be monitored throughout their service life.

Ceramex is the Diesel Emissions Pioneer!

Since the EPA requirement of the diesel particulate filter in 2006 for all commercial diesel engines, due to the impact of DPF engines on the environment, Ceramex has played an industry leading role in developing technology to keep diesel engines running cleaner, more efficiently, and more affordably. Today’s Ceramex Xpurge and Veritex DPF and DOC cleaning and restoration processes ensure that DPF’s are restored to a minimum of 95% of their original cleaning capacity. Comparably, many Ceramex competitors are still using outdated air pulse and air knife technology that only achieve a cleaning success of 40-60% and leaves substantial soot and ash remaining in the DPF.

Careful DPF Maintenance Boosts Both Your Uptime and Your Bottom Line

Cleaning your DPF is far more challenging than simply getting rid of the powdery ash. Inadequate cleaning can compromise the life of your DPF and warranty, while a Ceramex 95%+ restored unit may result in improved fuel economy and 200,000 miles plus before a new cleaning is required. Due to DPF’s complicated construction and the tendency of carbon and soot to bond to the ceramic filtering material, cleaning the DPF is a science, a science that Ceramex has mastered as a result of its global leadership position and patented cleaning processes with Xpurge, Veritex, Veritrap, and Vericat technologies