The Truth About Ceramex Restored

Are Cheap Air Knife DPF Cleans Costing You Thousands?

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Don’t confuse the words reman and restored when you look at Ceramex. Despite continuous efforts by our “cheap clean”competitors pushing their associated propaganda, Ceramex restored products are guaranteed to perform at 95%+.

So, let’s be perfectly clear and honest on what a Ceramex 95%+ Xpurged restored and Veritex validated filter is and does as follows:

  • It is guaranteed to perform at 95%+ when compared to an aftermarket or OEM new filter
  • It is priced considerably less than an OEM or aftermarket new filter
  • It saves and conserves valuable natural resources including eliminating tens of thousands of DPF’s filled with diesel soot and ash winding up in landfills across our country

The constant assault on Ceramex restored filters by our cheap clean competitors, simply points out the vulnerability of their inefficient process. Though priced less than a Ceramex restored unit, these cleanings often leave over 50% of ash and soot in the filter. You pay for a cheap clean and can end up putting a dirty filter back on your expensive vehicle with the expectation you received a thorough cleaning and performance will be improved, with no guarantees of either. Taking your truck downtime into consideration, this is a losing proposition for you, anyway you look at it. Comparably, Ceramex 95%+ restored filters are in demand and used by major heavy-duty OEM’s across the country including CAT and PACCAR just to name a couple. So, when you think of a restored Ceramex DPF filter, think of it as the OEM’s do:


The act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment. the state or fact of being restored. a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition.

All Ceramex DPF restorations perform at a minimum 95%+. While we can’t make them look like new, they absolutely perform light new…guaranteed! Weigh our 95%+ Promise versus our air cleaning competitors, who typically charge you for a cleaning and return you a filter that remains 50% dirty!